Wisdom Is What We Need

If I tell you

Wisdom is what we need

It’s the truth

You complete the union

Of the true trinity

Because as Black woman

You are the cohesive

Between man and child

You are the unbreakable bond between

The acknowledgement of knowledge

And the allure of understanding

We need you, Black queen

Like in order to breathe

We require oxygen

Like for these words to have meaning

Every vowel calls for consonants

You symbolize what is wise

By definition of wisdom

Life only manifests through your rhythm

So never discontinue the tune

That gives our essence its harmony


Without Ruby Dee, where would Ossie be?

Dear heart

As your moon receives light from the sun

And that reflection is the outward expression of that star

Recognize that respect is due

For through sunlight

You are no longer destitute

When we call you Queen

We edify your refinement

You knowledge God

In order to build alongside of Him

You are earth’s emblem

Maintain that resemblance

As you assemble

Your daily ensemble

Covering 3/4ths

Of wisdom’s equivalence to water

Which reciprocates sensationally

Endure to nurture us

Continue to merger us

For through your insight actions gain prominence

Prudence elevates the meager to dominance

Through your womb

You speak the brilliance of great tribes

And no other nation should uplift you

Except us!

Because we need you!

Because through your manifestation

We lead youth!

Because your equality

Increases our reality check

And the riches from the increments

Completes our cipher

Like Isis did Osirus

Her Ninti to my Enki

She’s the lady of life!

“We need you…like, in order to breathe we require oxygen; like, for these words to have meaning, every vowel calls for consonants.”

—Wisdom is What We Need

“For his loyalty;  He received from his war wounds;  A metal wheelchair”

—Half Truths, Whole Lies

“The Marketplace, the setting where even if blessed to regain one’s release, the jacket that clothes them is not fashionable to the status quo."

—The Marketplace